Sunday, June 10, 2012

Morning Glass

Finally had the chance to go back to Morning Glass on the weekend to have their full breakfast menu. Served from 730am-1pm and then lunch 11am-4pm.

Thought Terence and I would have to wait awhile for a table, but it was less than a 10 minute wait! Though this place is on the smaller side, I love the open-air and casual feel. So very laid-back and comfortable. I can see why a lot of neighbors in the area come here to have a nice cup of coffee and read the paper. Almost reminds me of sitting in your very own kitchen. But with service! Hah.

As for breakfast, I decided on their Omelette en Casuela- Hamakua Mushroom Omelette with gruyere cheese and caramelized onions. The presentation was unique- the omelette came in a little cast iron pan, so that you can cook your eggs to your preference. Very cool! The omelette? The eggs were not overcooked, had a generous amount of cheese (just how I like it!), and the mushrooms were fresh and plentiful. The eggs were so fluffy and delicious that I'm sure they used a lot of butter. I also ordered a Green Tea Latté, which was on special. I liked their latté so much I asked if it was going to be a permanent menu item!

Terence seemed to have liked his Fried Rice Omelette with Portuguese Sausage, because there was not a drop of food left on it! He washed it all down with a house made Ginger soda.

The cutest mini shakers ever.

Bamboo Sky crochet shorts with Sephora by OPI nail strips in a feather design!

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