Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miguelz Hawaii Kai

The spot that now houses Miguelz had many many owners before. Remember the sports bar, Therapy? Then, there was Just Tacos, and now, Miguelz. Same owner as Just Tacos, just a different name.

Every time I have passed by, I've never seen anyone in there! But, this time, when Joe and I decided to go there for dinner, they walked us past all of the empty tables and booths towards the front to the back area, where all the action is, apparently. There's a lot of unused space, but we eventually found out that's where the live band sets up! Some people were seated at the bar, some on the high-tops and some in the small booths.

I couldn't choose between the House and the Hawaiian Sangria, but our waiter said the Hawaiian has far more alcohol. I went for the House Sangria, but boy, was it strong! I believe our waiter said there was wine, vodka and rum in that sucker. I could barely finish the thing by the end of dinner!

As far as food goes, we had three dishes- Poppy Crusted Ahi, Arroz Caldoso, and Octopus Galician Style. I thought all were very good and had positive notes to them.

The Octopus came out first. Our waiter recommended that and the Poppy Crusted Ahi as the most popular and his faves. I tasted the frisse salad with pickled cauliflower, and literally could have had a bowl to myself! It was one of the best salads I have ever tasted. The dressing was a sort of balsamic vinaigrette with a lemon tinge to it. I loved that there were bits of cauliflower in it too. A very light part of the dish. The "scalloped potatoes" was much more of a mashed potato with a fried/crunchy top layer. It also had lemon zest in it, which gave it a more refreshing taste rather than a heavy feel. As far as the octopus itself, it was tender- definitely not rubbery. I appreciated that.

The Arroz Caldoso was one of the dishes I chose because our waiter said it came with shrimp. And, you know I can't pass up shrimp! This dish, though, was essentially just Saffron Rice with shrimp on top. Nothing out of the ordinary, and Joe and my least favorite of the three dishes.

The Poppy Crusted Ahi came out shortly after. After tasting, I knew why it was one of the popular items. Ahi was tender and melt-in-your-mouth amazing, while the sauteéd mushrooms and seaweed underneath was also just as amazing. I loved the presentation with the sesame "pretzel."

Last, Joe couldn't pass up the Fried Cream. Dessert time! I had never tried this before, so I was very eager. Little squares of what was literally, sweet fried cream, and also marinated fruits with lemon zest and Whoppers on top to finish it off! Whoppers, you say?! So very reminiscent of being a teenager and watching movies at Kahala theatre.

So, would I go back? The food was excellent, but for the price, it was a little much. The service was also great, and they hand out samples at the entrance! I would say, go, try it out. It's worth a try.

House Sangria

Octopus dish

Arroz Caldoso

Poppy Crusted Ahi with Sesame Pretzel

Fried Cream with WHOPPERS!

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