Friday, June 22, 2012

Pint + Jigger UPDATED!

I've gone back to Pint + Jigger twice in two weeks. Yep, I love it that much. Just a super fun place to chill. Btw, it is the "in" place to go now. More people are hearing about it. It is definitely becoming a Pau Hana place to come after work, especially with the number of bottled beers and beers on tap.

Still have yet to try their Pigs in a Blanket, but I got the chance to try their Applewood Smoked Double-Cut Bacon. Definitely delicious with the spicy fresh corn salsa to top it off! As far as drinks, I've now tried their "Best" Margarita, Lilikoi Mule and their Mango Mint Cocktail- honestly, all really tasty.

Mango Mint Cocktail- love the bits of mint scattered throughout!



  1. Sooo yummy! That drink looks delish! Must try this place out sooon

  2. Mmm, looks yummy. I don't blame ya for going back. I get in those moods too where I return again and again. Kept hitting up Kihei Sansei for weeks on end which did my savings account no favors (I've always like the Maui location better than Honolulu for some reason).

    You had me at mango and mint.

  3. Go early, sit at the bar, talk story for a little while to give the bartender an idea of what you like to drink, then order a bartender's choice. It'll be worth it for sure :)