Monday, June 18, 2012

Harbor Village Cuisine (Hawaii Kai)

Our tradition every Sunday is to go to Harbor Village Cuisine for Dim Sum. We love that they're open til 3pm, because Mom and I love getting up late on weekends! They are known for their Garlic and Chili Dungeness Crab or their Lobster, but we have not had the chance to try it yet! We can never pass up their dim sum menu. It's limited (not as many choices as Legends in Chinese Cultural Plaza), but every dish is very flavorful and delicious. No MSG either! Even the most simple Siu Mai dish is ever so tasty.

You also get 10% off if you let them know you're Kama'aina!

Fried Nori-Wrapped Seafood, Fried Taro (Wu Gok), Har Gau, and Char Siu Bau

Hom Sui Gok and Seafood Bundle in Fu Jook

Char Siu Mochi

Fried Nori-Wrapped Seafood

Har Gau

Seafood Bundle and Siu Mai

Fresh Choy Sum!

Wu Gok

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