Friday, June 29, 2012

The Fat Greek (Kaimuki)

I love me some good Greek food every once in awhile! So far, I've tried Greek Marina and also my favorite, Olive Tree. I can't get over how great Olive Tree's hummus is. There's just nowhere like it!! Over the weekend, the 2012 Hawaii's Best of the Best came out in the paper, and The Fat Greek won 1st place. I knew it was going to be the next place I ate at!

After trying a few dishes at The Fat Greek, my heart stays forever true to Olive Tree. Everything I've tried at Olive Tree is amazing, from their Dolmas to their Egg Lemon Soup and of course, their hummus! The only thing I really enjoyed at The Fat Greek was their Lamb/Beef Gyro! Amazing. Much, much better than Olive Tree! Very tender and ultra-flavorful. I didn't care for either places' Falafel. That fell short for me. But that just means I'll have to visit the new Falafel King that just opened on King Street!

Parking was easy- Park in their teeeeeeny tiny lot, or across the street in the gravel lot by City Mill for $5.

I liked the atmosphere a lot. BYOB, plus the outside seating is super casual and comfortable with the cool night air.

Outside seating

Hummus- don't forget to ask for extra pita!

Yummy Lamb/Beef Gyro!


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