Saturday, September 24, 2011

Work Attire Part 2

This past week has been full of hectic schedules, coordinating and running around like a crazy lady with no lunch. Boy, can you imagine me without lunch? definitely don't want to. Tried to keep my cool while my boss was around, but I realized simple pleasures like being fed and being able to use the bathroom when needed is quite a necessity. It is simple things like that, that we really take advantage of on a daily basis.

Anyway, one thing was constant this week was the "fashionably-forward" part. See here for the first day of work attire. One thing that always gets me in a giddy mood is either food or fashion/clothes/shoes. I always find shopping or eating cheers me up no matter how bad a day or how stressful. Do you find that too? Might just be me ;)

Bamboo Sky cardi, shorts, necklace, Jessica Simpson heels, American Apparel striped tank.

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