Saturday, September 3, 2011

Castonguay Couture's Brie and Pineapple Wontons

It was my best friend's baby girl, Lexi's 1st Bday!! Jenelle and I have been best friends since 6th grade! We've gone through everything from 6th grade crushes to graduating from HS to her wedding two years ago, and now, her baby girl turns 1! Isn't life so wonderful in the way things turn out? Always for the better.

So besides wonderfully-delicious homemade cupcakes and funfetti cake, her older sister Brandi and I decided to make their famous Brie and Pineapple Wontons. It was the end of the night and some guests had already left, but everyone else (especially me) was craving it! Brandi and I went to work!

Make sure the wontons are tightly sealed or the cheese will melt out while being fried.

Major hit! We made about 30-40 pieces and they quickly disappeared off the plate!
Put some heated crushed pineapple on top. So delicious!!!

Bamboo Sky romper, cardigan and belt, MK watch, Sam Edelman heels, Express knot necklace.

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