Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Shirokiya's Ramen Festival

Having gone to the "new and improved" Shirokiya last week, I have stopped by at least 4 times since then! 3 days in a row last week for ramen and froyo and more ramen and froyo, and then again today, for...you guessed it, more ramen and froyo. I just can't get enough! Something about the mochi that the Froyo station has is SO good. It's that creamy, chewy, soft texture that does me in! Doesn't taste like anywhere else. And, of course it's Shirokiya's froyo station that has the BEST mochi. Ugh, those Japanese are jus too good at what they do!!!

Last week the ramen stand, Menya Ifu Do Do from Osaka, was doing Aka-Ton and Kuro-Ton, both of which I tried and did a post on here. Today, though, was the start of a new ramen stand, Manshuya-Ga-Ichiban from Fukuoka, specializing in Tonkotsu Ramen (one of my favorites!) and Gyoza. Get it today until the 19th! Love this milky, salty broth that I think tastes reminiscently of the charsiu in it. SO good. I like it better than the spicy Aka-Ton and sesame-oil Kuro-Ton from Menya Ifu Do Do.

Get ready on Sept 20 for HAKATA RAMEN!

Charsiu Tonkotsu Sibori

Gyoza Demonstration 

Gotta go back tomorrow for that Ginza Petit Custa!!!!!!

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  1. Shirokiya...we used to have Shirokiya on Maui but sadly it closed :(. Love the ramen noodles there. Glad there is a store on Oahu still.