Saturday, September 3, 2011

KCC Farmers Market and Ala Moana Farmers Market Grand Opening

Today, Mom, Dad and I all decided to sacrifice our usual Saturday morning sleep-in, and get on down to the KCC Farmers Market. We've been wanting to see what it's all about for awhile, though, most of the time, sleep is more important to us. Haha.

Well, we did indeed have a great time. I, of course, loved all of the specialty eats and samples, while snapping away gorgeous, brightly-colored floral arrangements that you will not find anywhere else. I was blown away.

A bit of information and FYIs- This event is held every Saturday at KCC from 730-11am. A lot of Yelp reviews said to get there early, especially if you want a close parking space inside the lot. However, the best advice someone gave was to either go really early with the morning crowd, or go later around 830-9am. This place is constantly packed with tourists galore with locals mixed in. I'd say the ratio is 80:20!! Having "been there, done that," I highly recommend going around 830-9am. You will still be able to find parking in the KCC parking lot (and not have to park far away) if you have some patience (though we found a space right away!), and food lines seem to calm down around 10am. My advice is get there by 9am, walk around for a bit, and by the time you get hungrier, lines shouldn't be as long and daunting. And even if lines look long, some friends say that it goes by fast.

Now, let's get down to it!

Organic Guava, Pineapple, Meyer Lemon Blackberry Mint

Meyer Lemon Blackberry Mint was the best!
I love the minty undertone.

Sea Asparagus! Chad, was it you who told me about this before??
I actually liked it. Lomi flavor was the best!


The dark bowl was actually Mac Nut Pesto!
It was the best!

They had lavender and truffle flavored butter too!

Ginger- so pretty!

Golden Pineapple- ULTRA sweet

Jams, Jellies and Specialty Butters- SO good.

Of course there's Ono Pops!

So crowded!
But now I really regret getting a "sausage on a stick."

DEFINITELY need this for my Mojitos!

Lavender!!!!!!! I absolutely love the tender, light scent.

Shave Dice
Cool name, I thought!

Smores at the bread pudding booth!

The Corn Crab Chowder was yummy!
We also had the Furikake Fish from the booth next to.
I liked that you had the choice to get a "mini" or regular size plate at this booth.
At least you have extra room for other delicious food!

I love Heleconia. Looks like firecrackers!

Yep, just had to try it. The owner said he'd give me a refund if I didn't like the taste.
Yeah, it was ok...minty. But just the thought of drinking Kale! Aiya!

Rico...I think his name was. Apparently he has a Facebook too.

Gotta love the Bale Stand

After we looked through all the booths at KCC, we headed to the Grand Opening of the Ala Moana Farmers Market. Located in the Sears Parking Lot and open from 9am-1pm every Sat. You will find that: 1) There was not nearly as many vendors here as the KCC Farmers Market and 2) Nothing beats the KCC Farmers Market. Also, there were repeat vendors at the AMFM. It was nice to go once, but I'd definitely want to spend more of my time and money at the KCC Farmers Market.

Oh, FYI, way more parking at the AMFM.

The inside of a dragonfruit.
Seriously the most fashionably-forward fruit.

I have NO idea what this is. I was so bothered I got my finger in the pic!

Thank God for water! But it was warm...

Entertainment and seating!

So cute.

This was at both KCC and AMFM

Pineapple Ginger

Super ginger-y. Will get rid of ANY stomachache for sure1

These looked so yummy, but I was so full!

Had to have a slice.
Thank you Shane, Tiff and Willow for the recommendation!!!!!!

Gorgeously-pigmented Dragonfruit

Yep, we brought a sweet Golden Pineapple home!

Bamboo Sky button-down, Ginger 13 necklace via Bamboo Sky,
Dolce Vita Ivan wedges via Bamboo Sky,
MK watch

Ginger 13 necklace via Bamboo Sky

Leave the button-down out and about, or
tucked in!

Gecko on Buddha. Love this!
@ outside in the yard while taking some fashion pics!

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