Saturday, September 24, 2011

Assaggio's UPDATED!

My family and I always go here for three reasons: the convenience, the food is consistent, and the service is always great. Read my original post on Assaggio's here.

This time, Dad and I had some major bosses in town and we needed a nice dinner spot to gather. Instead of our usual Hawaii Kai Assaggio's, we picked the one located at Ala Moana. Since most of our guests were staying in Waikiki, we thought this would be more convenient for them.

Verdict? They all loved it! I thoroughly enjoyed the venue and especially where they placed our party. We had about 12-15 people, so they seated us at a long table in one of their private meeting rooms, where we could be free to be as loud as we wanted and not have to worry about disturbing other people.

This post won't have as many entree pictures. I really wanted to catch some of the special appetizers we ordered that my family and I don't usually order. This was a special treat!

Portabello Mushroom stuffed with Eggplant, onions, red peppers, garlic and parsley. One of my favorite dishes! I couldn't get enough of the sweet balsamic-soaked mushrooms. Oh-so juicy!


Shrimp Cocktail

Beginning of Caesar Salad. My ultimate fave here at Assaggio's. You won't find a better Caesar anywhere else. FYI, if you order 2 or more orders of Caesar Salad, they will prepare it table side!

Looks not-so-appetizing, but caesar dressing is best homemade! Made with anchovies, garlic, lemon, egg yolks, parmesan, worcestershire, tabasco, and extra virgin olive oil.

My entree: Shrimp Assaggio. Love the fact that it has both mushroom and capers! Yum!!


  1. I loved having the salad made table-side the last time I dined there. Itʻs been a while, you have convinced me to go again - especially with that calamari!

  2. I've never had authentic Caesar salad before. I gotta try that one the next time I go there. I haven't been there a while, so I can't say what's my favorite items is. But your food looked AH-mazing!