Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yogurstory UPDATE!

Yesterday, I convinced my hesitant parents to go for a quick lunch at Yogurstory (first seen here)! We are all trying to live a healthier life, therefore I thought Yogurstory's salads, sandwiches and other lunch specials might be a good choice. There is a large variety of choices to pick on the menu, so even the picky eater will find something.

I wanted to have the Fat Pig Fried Rice again, but risked it and chose the Santa Monica Eggs Benedict at the advice of our waitress. My thoughts? Well, I wouldn't have it again. It was different from their regular Eggs Bene for the fact that this one came with asparagus and spinach. The Hollandaise was also a garlic Hollandaise, but I couldn't tell the difference. It also didn't come on an english muffin, but instead a thick piece of bread. It was way too dry and tough! Usually this problem would be fixed by a generous amount of Hollandaise sauce, but nope, a very small amount was drizzled on top. My egg yolk was also way too runny, and even the inside white was uncooked. The egg itself was just a bit too undercooked for my liking. I should have asked for "over medium." What I did like about the dish is that the ham was thick and they gave a heaping portion of it. I just didn't have enough cooked egg or Hollandaise sauce to have with it!!

My dad cleaned up a Club Croissant. It was packed with lots of turkey, bacon, lettuce, tomato and swiss cheese. I liked that they weren't skimpy with the ingredients. Dad also really liked the Potato Salad- he said it was one of the best he's had! I had a was good.

Next, my mom. She had the City Salad, which I tried, and wished that I had ordered. It came packed with mixed baby greens, candied pecans, dried blueberries and cranberries, cucumber, grape tomatoes, parmesan and house dressing. You can also add chicken breasts for an extra $3.95. This salad was awesome! I loved all of the different sweet tastes in it and even the house dressing was on the sweeter side. This differs greatly from the Cobb Salad I had which is drizzled generously with a Balsamic Vinaigrette that overpowers the salad. I'd have that cobb salad dressing on the side next time. My lips puckered! The only thing I think Yogurstory can add to the City Salad is apples! That would make this salad extra fabulous! I'd definitely come back for the salad anyway, with or without the apples!

I finally had Yogurstory's Yogurt too! Most people come here for their lunch menu, but a few stopped by their Yogurt Bar. They only have about 5 flavors that I believe change often, but their toppings bar was packed with goodness! I think they have more toppings than Yogurtland. They also have ALL the popping ball flavors. I don't think I'd come here just for the yogurt, but it was nice to try.

Now for the pictures!

Plantation Iced Tea- mediocre

Santa Monica Eggs Benedict

Club Croissant

City Salad

Lots of candied pecans and dried fruits! So YUMS!

Finally tried their Yogurt! Topped with my favorite Lychee Popping Balls and Granola!
Clockwise from Left- Honeydew, Orange Cream, Taro and bottom is Plain Tart.
They were all really delicious and refreshing. All tasted exactly like what it was.

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