Thursday, May 19, 2011

Summer-time White Flares

Before I left for my weekly dinner with friends at Ichiriki Loft for some Nabe, and had Mom snap a few pics before I left. These J Brand Lovestory jeans are SO comfy and soft. There's a lot of stretch which is good, since I know I'd be having a lot of Nabe and rice! I paired these jeans with my Bamboo Sky button down. It's a pretty pastel pink with white polkadots. Very girly. 

Usually, I hardly wear white jeans just because it's just asking to be stained with red wine, ketchup or gravy!! Thankfully, I was very careful and got these white beauties back home safely. Phew!


  1. I love these on you!! I love how flares elongate legs (that of which you don't need to worry about) ;) so cute your doggie!!

    Have a good weekend :)