Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Jet Ski!

For my Birthday, my friend Joe treated me to a ride on his Jet Ski! We started out in Hawaii Kai and jet-skied all the way to Waikiki! It was a beautiful day, and the water was glassy and aqua blue. A little choppy near Diamond Head, but as Joe said, "what do you expect?" It was windy over there!

When we neared Waikiki, Joe slowed down, then let me snap some pics, and then let me drive!!!!! The last time I drove a Jet Ski was during Spring Break in Cancun, Mexico with my girlfriends back in college. Today, it was just as exhilarating! Even though I happen to let a bunch of water splash in our faces, it was the ride of my life! (Thank you, Joe, for being so understanding and patient with me :P) With open water and open air, I took in the scenery and thought about how far I've come in my life. I walked away feeling absolutely rejuvenated. It was the best way to spend my birthday. 

Thank you, Joe!!

Driving the Jet Ski!

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