Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kahala Hotel's Plumeria Room

Woke up very early this morning for my cousin's wedding shower at the Kahala Hotel. As we left the house, it began to pour! However, it turned out to be a beautiful day and and fun Sunday brunch buffet with family in itself. We all had a grand time playing games and of course, eating our hearts out. Besides the beautiful background setting (Plumeria Room is located on the beach!), there was a variety of eats and choices of drinks! There was the usual omelette bar, but here, you have the choice of ordering a regular whole egg omelette or just egg whites only! Among the fruits, cereals, salami/cheese, miso soup (for the Japanese tourists, I'm sure!), yogurts and muesli, they had little Acai bowls topped with granola, honey and fruit! I was most impressed by this! Though it was more on the frozen/icy side (instead of creamy/smooth), it was still very decent. As for drinks, coffee was served to everyone at the table and tropical fruit water and other fruit juices (passion fruit, orange and guava) were offered in the buffet. A very nice buffet!

Cottage Cheese, Mushroom/cheese omelette, thinly rolled pancake with Maple butter sauce,
Portuguese sausage, Breakfast sausage, bacon and of course, SALAMI!
Salami is the best!

Acai Bowl!


  1. Haven't been to the Plumeria Room or the Kahala Hotel since I went for a special Lobster themed dinner at Hoku's. Looks like the Plumeria Room has a good buffet though :)

  2. Are those Steven Maddens? I have them in Gold!!! :)

    xx Love & Aloha

  3. Thanks for the compliments Pieter!

    Nom Nom- yes, you gotta go! i love the atmosphere.

    Sharonlei- nope, not SM! they're from Aldo from Christmas time 2010!