Saturday, May 21, 2011


It's the month of which wonderful babies were born...MAY! Today is my mom's bday! Ten days ago, it was my bday!

Dad planned a great day starting off with making us his famous fried rice. He uses very simple ingredients- egg and chopped up vienna sausage (it's the only way I'll eat vienna sausage), but it tastes better each and every time. Nothing like homemade fried rice! Next, I wondered why he left early in the morning. His excuse was "errands." Mom and I didn't find out til later that he was out buying us gorgeous leis! Both leis were beautifully scented- Mom got lei'd with a Pikake and I, with a White Ginger lei. Both smell heavenly! I will sleep soundly with the light scent of ginger on my nightstand. Third, Dad treated us to Assaggio's for dinner. We go there usually for special occasions and always get the same dishes.



Halfed a Caesar Salad with Mom- our favorite Caesar!

Mom's favorite- Veal Parmigiana.
I promise there's veal under that thick layer of cheese!!!

What I got- not my usual, but it sounded good- Lasagna!
About 5 layers with ricotta in between and a meaty marinara sauce on top!
And more cheese on top- YUM!

Dad's usual- Chicken Picatta

Belated Bday Cake on the house!

For Mom's bday! A piece of Amaretto cake.

Chocolate Cake

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  1. I love your shoes! And the desserts look delicious!