Sunday, May 1, 2011

The 5th Annual Taste of East Oahu

It was my first Taste of East Oahu event (held at Calvary by the Sea), and I have to say what a lovely and family-oriented event this was! Really felt the 'ohana vibe. As much as I loved tasting all of the food and wine, I really enjoyed seeing the smiles, hearing the laughs and seeing all the little kiddies running around to the pizza booth or the Bubbie's mochi ice cream booth. All proceeds go to 3 of Calvary by the Sea's community charities, too! What a fun and enjoyable way to donate! 

Tonight was the fifth annual Taste of East Oahu, so be sure to attend next year! An impressive lineup of chefs were there tonight including Chai from Chai's Island Bistro, Maile from Maile's Thai Bistro in the Hawaii Kai Town Center, Hokulani Bake Shop, JJ French Bistro and Pastry, Michel's, Pizza in the Raw, Duke's Waikiki and Poke Stop! There was also free wine tasting and wines by the glass by HASR Wine Company. 

See my interview with Maile from Maile's Thai Bistro here!!

Hokulani Bake Shop's Strawberry Cupcakes with vanilla frosting,
and their most popular Red Velvets underneath! So delicious and mouth-watering.
I'm not a sweets/dessert person, but I ate all three! They are so moist and the frosting
is creamy.

Hokulani's Vanilla cupcakes with Raspberry frosting

Maile's Thai Bistro PAD THAI!
One of the best on the island!

I met Maile herself! Such a pretty, sweet woman.

Maile's second dish, Garlic Vegetables. She especially made this tonight for all you
vegetarians out there!

Kalua Pork Wonton from Duke's!

Kalua Pork Wonton and Smoked Marlin Flatbread.
I could have gone for some Smoked SALMON instead of the Marlin,
but props to the Chef for creativity.

Michel's Poke Taco with Guacamole

Sausage with wild mushroom sauce and pineapple chutney-
a nice dish full of different flavors. I loved the citrus-y taste of the pineapple chutney.

Michel's Plum Tomato stuffed with Ratatouille-
Much too pretty to eat!

One of my favorites. Poke Stop's Braised Short Rib was oh-so tender and saucy!
Meat just fell off the bone. No knife needed!

HASR Wine Co- My favorite is that 2010 Willow Crest Riesling.

JJ Bistro and French Pastry- Crab Lagoon with Salsa

Pizza in the Raw's Chef Bill Bruhl serving up some Margherita Pizza!

Chai's Grilled Beef Salad with Lemongrass Garlic Dressing-
nice fruity flavor in the beef

Hokulani's Cupcakes ALLLL to myself!

Red Carpet for the VIP guests

Back area of church with ocean view for the VIP tables-
gorgeous at night. They try to hold this event on the full moon.
Must be spectacular.

Walkway to the VIP tables.
Lit perfectly.

Silent Auction

Yum! All you can drink Waialua Sodas!! 

I can't contain myself!

Very crowded towards the end of the night. The event is always sold out and all seats are taken!


  1. Ohh wow everything looks soooo good!! Mmmmm hokulani cupcakes :D I just finished watching that interview and awww your such a sweetie :) good to see you had a great time.

  2. It was such a fun event! and yes, it was my first youtube vid EVER, so i was definitely nervous, but it was great! and Maile is the nicest lady EVER.

  3. and oh god were the hokulani cupcakes orgasmic. good thing its far away from me. id be addicted.

  4. Wow this event looks amazing. I'm most jealous of the Maile's pad thai, mainly because I've had it before and can't wait to come home and eat it in a few weeks. I love your blog and am now a loyal follower!


  5. thanks sooo much emma!!! your blog is amazing and i read it as soon as you update it!

    and yes, now IM craving her pad thai as well!