Sunday, May 15, 2011

Boots and Kimo's

If you are ever in Kailua and in need of a great breakfast/brunch/lunch place, you absolutely MUST eat at Boots and Kimo's at least once (mentioned first here). And even if you're not in Kailua and looking for a good breakfast/brunch/lunch place, just go here! Known for their famous Pancakes with Mac Nut sauce, almost everyone gets one order (comes with 3 huge pancakes) to share. They have a large menu varying from basic rice/eggs/meat dish to omelettes to pancakes/waffles to plate lunch dishes (Mochiko chicken, Korean chicken, Burgers, BLTs Hamburger get the idea!)

After my last day of tournament golf, here is where we stopped for lunch and what we chowed down on!


Inside of BLT- loaded with BACON!

Mochiko Chicken

Famous Pancakes with Mac Nut Sauce and Mac Nut shavings on top!

Cheeseburger with fries

Side Burger with side Mac Salad

My yummy Fried Rice Omelette!

Inside of Fried Rice Omelette!
Perfect way to get both your rice and egg in one. And cheddar cheese!
I like the idea!


  1. This food looks absolutely delicious, especially the pancakes! I think I will have to brave the long wait this summer and go!


  2. You definitely have to get an order of the pancakes. They're perfect to share!!