Monday, November 19, 2012

Tsuku Tsuku Tei

Many of you know how much I love my udon. For me, I'm game for udon or ramen any day of the week, and any time of day- breakfast, lunch or dinner!! My favorite Udon place? Jimbo's Udon. But, hey, I'm always down to try new places of course!

Haven't seen or had lunch with my cousin, Kory, in awhile, so we planned on eating somewhere on Keeaumoku. There are always so many new places popping up, and I can never keep track! I know Tsuku Tsuku Tei is fairly new and opened up earlier this year next to Panda's Cuisine. So, we decided on that!

Park in the structure below the restaurant and get your ticket validated. It's free!

So, the food. Maybe I'm biased, but I still love the casual feel of Jimbo's coupled with the unbeatable service. I'm also in love with Jimbo's dashi. It has that perfect smoky taste that is not too salty, but not too bland. It's perfect. Not to mention, Jimbo's has been a neighborhood favorite of mine and other's for quite some time. They really built a big following.

So, yes, I may be biased, but if I had the choice to go to Jimbo's Or Tsuku, I'd probably choose Jimbo's. No need for me to read the menu- I'll take the Tendon Combo, please!

Anyway, this post isn't about Jimbo's. I'd rather give you my opinion and have you see for yourself. My cousin, Kory, and my good golfer friend, Brandon, both said that they think Tsuku is much much better than Jimbo's. I talked to them on separate occasions, but they said the exact same thing about Tsuku Tsuku Tei. Have your udon cold or hot, the noodles (which are homemade) are cooked "perfectly." Mind you, both Kory and Brandon used the word "perfectly." They are cooked al dente, so udon noodles are chewy. On the other hand, according to these two guys, Jimbo's noodles can be overcooked at times.

I do have to say for Tsuku Tsuku Tei, that their lunch deals were off the wall. In a good way. The lunch sets included quite a bit of food, LOTS of noodles and all for $8!! That's another thing- Tsuku, in my opinion, gives much more noodles than Jimbo's. And that's just the regular size portion! They have Large for you big eaters, too.

Your homework for the week, folks, is to give Tsuku Tsuku Tei a try and report back!! What did you think?

Love that they have tempura chips on the table for you to dispense on your own!! Some were a bit soggy, though. PS- the Barley Tea is DELICIOUS.

My lunch set- Hot or cold Udon with California Roll....EIGHT DOLLARS!

Karaage Chicken. Looks bland, but is actually perfectly seasoned and super light and crispy. Very, very good, Tsuku Tsuku Tei!

Kory's lunch set for $8

$2.50 for Seasoned Rice Onigiri. Kory said these were a little on the bland side. Maybe the dashi was too watery?

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