Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sam Choy's BLC- Oysterfest!

I haven't been to Sam Choy's on Nimitz for quite some time, but when Dad told me about their Oysterfest, I knew we had to make an appearance! It only happens for one week, every year! Sam Choy's features 3 types of raw oysters on the half shell and a variety of different cooked/baked options. I have never had Oysters Rockefeller before, so we chose that as our appetizer to share, and then each of us ordered our own meals.

I was surprised when we walked in how calm and quiet the place was. Not like I remembered! I guess the place's popularity has definitely died down over the years.

Taste of food? Well, I thought the Oysters Rockefeller was delicious, but my parents said other places do it better. The key to baked oysters, though, is you have to eat them while they're hot!! Can't wait to try more Oysters Rockefeller in the future!

My Crab Omelette was equally as delicious as the Oysters. A light and fluffy omelette stuffed with a generous amount of crab chunks. I don't know if it completely compares to my favorite, Bogart's Crab and Avocado Omelette, but I did enjoy it!

Crab Omelette

Teriyaki Chicken

Loco Moco

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