Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Tokkuri-Tei Part 2

Now, when I go to Tokkuri-Tei, I only see Ryuji. Not only is he the nicest, funniest and most entertaining Chef, but he knows his stuff! Read here for my first dining experience with Ryuji. He's amazing!

I went again, but ordered way too much other stuff, and forgot my favorite Chutoro-Yaki! Guess that only means I'll have to visit Ryuji very soon! We ordered a lot of mediocre menu items, so long story short, we're ordering straight from Ryuji next time.

Green Apple Chu-Hai


Crispy Fish Skeletons. A great combo with an ice-cold Kirin!

Seared Duck
Salmon Skin Salad and Ika Yaki (Squid Pancake) in the background.

Mauna Kea Roll- Shrimp Tempura Roll with melted cheese and coconut flakes. Sounds amazing, but very strange-tasting. Don't know if I like sweet with my savory sushi rolls.

Now this. This was amazing. And, of course Ryuji designed this for us. Unagi Omelette. 

Yuzu Sorbet

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