Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aiea Bowl's Alley Restaurant

Dad and I love Aiea Bowl's Oxtail Soup. The oxtail is ultra-tender and the broth is the most flavorful broth I've ever tasted. Check out my two posts here and here.

Last time my family and I went, we tried their most popular cake- Lemon Crunch. This time, Dad and I ended up taking a piece of Pumpkin Crunch home to be festive. But boy, did it also look delectable. And, it was. Can you imagine? Layers of equal parts of both Pumpkin and whipped cream with a pecan-crusted bottom! This is a must-try. Did I mention a slice goes oh-so-well with your morning coffee? Enjoy!!

Layers on Layers on Layers!

It was staring at me while we were having lunch, so I just HAD to take a piece home! Sprinkled with Cinnamon.

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