Thursday, November 22, 2012

November Foodie Goodies

You know the deal. Check out some miscellaneous foodie goodies I've collected over the last month or two!

Blue Moon has some pretty good, special winter beers out. This, though, is my favorite! Tastes like the holidays in a bottle!

Sneak PEEK! Yes, this is coming to the blog very soon!!!

Forreal?! Frozen strawberries, Drumsticks, Soy Milk and Chocolate Syrup to make a one-of-a-kind smoothie.

Some of my favorite Starbucks Holiday drinks- Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate and Caramel Brulee Latté.

Every time I need to satisfy my ramen addiction...TENKAIPPIN!

Thank you Misha Hawaii! Check out her website for these Uni Earrings and much more! Follow her IG as well: mishahawaii

Yep, this is me. Shoot I did for a friend.

Sweet Home Cafe's Pumpkin Broth!

And Sweet Home's infamous, complimentary dessert

Range Practice. Pretty.

Some Halloween fun!

Kamehameha Bakery's Poi Glazed Donut!

Zaratez at KCC Farmer's Market Tues Night! Had to try Paul's Suadero!

Chef Hardy's goodies at KCC Farmer's Market Tues Night! Ahi Tartare Crunch and Onaga Fish Cake with lemon aioli sauce, arugala, and papaya seed dressing!

Your Kitchen's Mini Pork Bowl and Melting Pudding

Cafe Duck Butt's light and crispy Sweet Potato Tempura

Mom's more legit than Jamba Juice.

Tae's Teppanyaki Steak Sukiyaki with Over Easy Egg! So delicious for under $10!

Paina Café's Hawaiian Bowl with no Lomi, extra Kalua Pig and a Plantation Iced Tea

Ton Ton Ramen's Oxtail Soup with Shoyu Egg

Beautiful day on the golf course!

Test Shot! More to come soon!!

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