Monday, December 5, 2011

Morio's Omakase

I really wanted to give Morio's another try after going for the first time and ordering their regular menu items. For only $35-40 a pop (per person), I wanted to love this place. I know that Sasabune and other expensive sushi restaurants charge $100 per person on average. Thus, you can see why I really wanted to love Morio's.

While the pricing was affordable, the dishes he served that night were really mediocre. Pictures posted on Yelp boasted big beefy scallops that were pan-fried, or what seemed like he served a lot of- his Sake Clams. And the Dynamite...I wanted to try his version too. Oh my goodness I wish he placed those in our rotation! Last time we were there, I saw the couple having the Omakase menu, receive a fried fish skeleton that was crisp, crunchy and "would go great with beer," according to the couple. Why didn't we receive such things!? I feel like you have to be one of those lucky couples on a lucky night where Morio serves up his best dishes...and where you're able to sit at the bar. Or why doesn't he consider making his dishes more consistent? Even though my friend, Jeremy, is allergic to some shell fish (we called ahead to notify Morio), I would have enjoyed having a small bowl of his clams. I, on the other hand, who is not allergic to shellfish, felt we lost out on some of Morio's winning dishes. And the poor couple sitting next to us, who received the same Omakase menu as us...they had to suffer too.

Another thing- I know Morio is supposed to be quite a character, and many have commented how much fun that guy is. But again, they sat us at a small table, not at the bar which really upset me (there were already two couples sitting at the 4-seater bar). I didn't get a chance to know Morio at all while there, twice. I had called a week and a half ahead, and they still couldn't seat us at the bar!

My wish for Morio is that he serves up consistently-great, equally-unique and delicious Omakase dishes. I don't think we should be "punished" for being allergic to shellfish! My friend had gone there, had a fabulous Omakase menu and ate for 5 hours. Why not us, Morio!?

Some appetizers to start. Salad, Chicken patties, Miso Potatoes

Korean Stew with potatoes, carrots, enoki mushrooms, 2 chicken wings.

Salmon Kama

This was the best dish we had- Deep Fried Flounder. SO delicious.

One of our sushi platters. I forgot to take a picture of our second Nigiri Sushi that came with Salmon, Flounder and Aji.

Crab rolls and Unagi rolls

We said we were full, and she asked us what other nigiri we would like since we didn't want raw oysters or Uni. Ikura and Unagi are my favorite!

Our last dish- Chicken Karaage. We were SO full, but we pushed through.

SMALLEST restaurant ever. This must be a fire hazard!

Short skirt?
Or long?

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  1. I agree, their food is good but never really up to par with what you want for the price you pay. Looks yummy though!