Friday, December 9, 2011

Arancino Di Mare

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Now, many of you know that my new favorite italian restaurant is Arancino on Beachwalk, so I really wanted to go to their sister restaurant by the Marriott Waikiki. Arancino Di Mare essentially has the same menu, but with a few different items- more meat items consisting of Filet Mignon, Ribeye, Lamb Chops, Osso Bucco, and Chicken dishes.

Still wanted to order seafood dishes, but I've seen this Di Mare by Marriott before, and the atmosphere seemed less cramped, and they also have open-air seating! Seemed very casual and contemporary.

And it was. It's been getting a bit chillier in Hawaii (if you can imagine that!), but the outside seating was really nice! About 90% of the patrons were seated outside, and did I mention about 90% were either Japanese or mainland tourists? This place is very popular! I love the fact that you don't need reservations at this Arancino, whereas you definitely need reservations for the Beachwalk restaurant. While the Beachwalk restaurant only takes reservations from 5-6pm, this one takes reservations at any time. Perfect! More seating, they take reservations, plus a bigger menu!? YES PLEASE!

I know what you're wondering though. Parking. Don't worry, you don't need to find street parking, although there are stalls right outside the restaurant on 'Ohua Street (same street as Marriott). If there's no street parking, turn left into the self-park structure, which is located in between Marriott and Arancino. If you get your ticket validated, parking is free!! Btw, 'Ohua Street is a one way street, so make sure to take Kuhio (not Kalakaua) and turn on 'Ohua.

Verdict? Great atmosphere, great service, great food. A+. This time, foodie friend Jeremy, and I tried their Mushroom Risotto and the "Owner's Favorite" Pizza. Both dishes, I highly recommend trying. Risotto is a hard dish for me to order. It's very risky, because it's either really great or really bland. To the recommendation of my fashionista friend, Tiff, we ordered it. So glad I listened to her, because it really was all that and more. I can only imagine the amount of butter in that buttery, creamy, mushroom concoction. To top it off and make a show out of it, they finish the risotto tableside. While it's still in the pan, they bring a big block of parmigiano reggiano on a cart. Since the risotto is still hot from the frying pan, they pour it in the block, and the cheese melts right into it! Did I also mention the risotto includes FIVE different types of mushrooms? If you're a mushroom lover (like I am), this is a dish you must try. This risotto dish is also ONLY served at the Marriott location.

As for the "Owner's Favorite" Pizza, this was one of the best pizzas I've tasted. It consists of seasoned, super tender shrimp, onions, garlic chips, and as the menu states, "smothered with cheese." Seriously smothered. So much cheese. This one's a winner. I was really amazed how tender, juicy and succulent the shrimp were. Not dry or tough at all. They cook the shrimp to perfection on that pizza!!!

I also have to make note of the delicious homemade Plantation Iced Tea that I ordered. My goodness, it was one of the best, if not the best Plantations I've ever had. (Close competition is the Plantation served at Alan Wong's Pineapple Room.)

Oh and don't let me forget the delicious Clams that I had all to myself (thanks to Jeremy's shellfish allergy. WOOHOO!). I loved the white wine, garlic and butter sauce that was slightly spicy to the taste. That little burst of flavor really livened up the usual white wine clams. I honestly wanted to drink the soup, and slurp the bowl clean!

For dessert, I had to order the Affogato. I have never had this before, and have been wanting to try this traditional dessert. For those of you that haven't heard of it, Affogato is Vanilla Ice Cream with a side of hot Espresso, which you pour over the ice cream. Tastes like Coffee Ice Cream! Such an easy, affordable and tasty dessert! I know Arancino is known for their Tiramisu, but I'm not a big fan. Hopefully in the future, I'll get the guts to order it. As for now, I have my eye on their Vivace. Vanilla Ice Cream, Marscapone cheese drizzled with Bailey's and cinnamon. How insane does that sound?!?!

This place is a must. My recs? Everything I've tried so far!! I don't think you can go wrong with anything on the menu.

UPDATE: Arancino Di Mare will NOT be taking reservations from Christmas Eve Dec 24 through January 5. And nope, I have no idea why! Boooooo.

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