Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Costco Garlic Shrimp Poke

Wow, so amazed with the variety of poke at Costco now! I was enlightened!

Love that they have ahi poke mixed with tobiko and sea asparagus! I was first introduced to sea asparagus at the KCC Farmer's Market first seen here. It is really delicious! Light and crunchy...a perfect complement to poke.

They also have two varieties of shrimp poke which were equally delicious. Choose from my personal favorite, a very pungent garlic shrimp, or their lighter and milder Cilantro/Lime Shrimp Poke. My high school friend, Kevin, suggested both would be good on top of a nice salad. I totally agree, Kevin! Or you can be like me, and just eat it straight from the plastic container! Haha.

Thanks to Kevin for the samples :)

$3.10 for quarter pound! Yes, please!!

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  1. I've always seen the poke bar at costco and I've always wondered if it was any good or not. I've always been a Foodland girl. But if it's good enough for the Fashionably-forward foodie, then it's good enough for me!