Sunday, December 18, 2011

Angelo Pietro's UPDATED!

Pietro's unique and flavorful pastas have settled into the rotation for "the FFF's favorite lunch places." Between Pietro's and Shirokiya, it's a very close competition if you can believe it!

BFF, Kristen is home, so I took her to lunch at Pietro's. I wanted to order what I had before, Seafood Peperoncini Wasabi Sauce (seen here), but I wanted to also try something different. I went with the latter and had their Clam Peperoncini. I'm in a major "clam" phase, and even though I really enjoyed all of the clams they piled on my pasta, the spicy shoyu-garlic sauce was mediocre. I really enjoyed the unique taste of the Wasabi oil sauce in my first pasta.

The Spaghetti Alla Desperata is next on my list! Seems very risky- sardines, black and green olives, onions and sundried tomatoes ALL in ONE pasta! Whoa!

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