Saturday, December 3, 2011

Fresh Catch's Crab Stuffed Ahi Roll

After hearing and reading about all the hype over Fresh Catch's Crab Stuffed Ahi Roll, yesterday seemed like the perfect time to go. Being it was a Wednesday, and the Ahi Roll is a Wednesday Special, I booked it down there between some work appts. Going right at noon, I expected a huge crowd, but it wasn't too bad. As usual, it was loaded with the construction men crowd and a few business people. All locals, of course!

The verdict? After trying their Ahi Katsu, then their Furikake Salmon, and now their famous Crab Stuffed Ahi Roll, it's probably my least favorite. While it was mighty crispy, and the sauce and furikake was mindfully placed on the side (since it was "to go"), I didn't enjoy the crab stuffing. Tasted too much like imitation crab with pepper? I also missed the side salad with their delicious dressing that is usually included in the plate. Where'd that go? After paying $13 for that plate plus a drink, I'd surely like to have their salad too! It came with two scoops rice, and I barely ate any. I should have asked for salad instead. Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda.

Anywho, I'm glad I tried it anyway. I can cross that off my list, and now stick with either their Ahi Katsu or their Furikake Salmon. Honestly, the last time I had their Salmon, it was cooked perfectly. Perfectly tender and not cooked all the way through.

Gave up Richie's Long Rice and Lau Lau Wednesdays to come here! Blah!

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