Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hilo "High"

No, not that kind of high, people! It's of course, a FOOD high. Having just island-hopped for business for the last 3 weeks, I have had the chance to try all of the island's highly-rated restaurants, local favorites and oogled the fresh veggies/fruits at the open markets. It has been fun (as you can see from my pics), but as cliche as it sounds, nothing is quite as nice as being home and having home-cooked meals.

Since I graduated 3.5 years ago from college in SF, it has been a struggle to find Thai food in Honolulu that lives up to what I remember as "cheap, tasty, authentic Thai food." Thankfully, I have found Sombat's (in Hilo)! Though it is an island-hop away, that is good enough for me! Better than a 5 hour plane ride to SF right??

Nothing has ever come as close to my liking as Sombat's. My most favorite items there were the famous and traditional Pad Thai and the Coconut Ice Cream with Fried Banana. I still remember the delicious Coconut Ice Cream at Best of Thai in Haight-Ashbury and the cheap/quick/tasty Pad Thai from King of Thai chains all over SF. King of Thai is like a Starbucks- you can seriously find restaurants blocks away from each other. So convenient!!! And $6 Pad Thai that you can make 2.5 meals out of? Definitely a college kid's dream restaurant!

Though Sombat's may not be as cheap- it is on the pricier side- the taste is worth it. They use authentic spices combined to make the most perfect dishes and fresh veggies that they grow right outside the restaurant!

Sombat's is also a very small restaurant with about 7-8 tables, and is always crowded. I could tell this restaurant was popular, as many people would stop in and just get take out- even just for dessert- Coconut Ice Cream with Fried Banana, Thai Tapioca, or Fried Bananas!

Next time, I'm trying their Tom Kha soup aka "Coco Soup," Fresh Basil Rolls, Fried Tofu and their famous Somtum, which has fresh papaya mixed with lime juice and thai spices. Can't wait to travel back sometime next year!

The lady in the middle of the picture is the Owner! Pretty Thai lady.

Dessert Menu!

Gotta have Thai Iced Tea!

Spring Rolls with special Pineapple Mac Nut sauce


Pad Lard Nah- Fat noodle (chow fun) with gravy and broccoli

Pad Lard Nah
Thai Tapioca

SO GOOD- Coconut Ice Cream with Fried Banana

Their garden outside the restaurant

 On our way home, we stopped at the open market...

From our family friend's tree!


  1. Oh yes! Sombats is sooo good! I love eating there :)

  2. MAN! i wish i knew about this place sooner! so good. favorite thai food in hawaii. so sad i cant find anywhere quite as good on Oahu. any suggestions on Oahu?? ive been to phuket thai, chiang mai, and spices. keep trying to make my way to bangkok chef, but id rather eat at sergs!

  3. What college did you graduate from? Im from Hilo and grad from USF in 2005! I miss San Fran =(

  4. i graduated from USF in 2008!! hawaii is such a small world!! thanks for following my blog miyoko...really appreciate it!

  5. I got a thai place on Oahu for ya... I'll add it to our lunch list...