Monday, March 14, 2011

Keds: A Childhood Favorite

I remember Keds (shoes) were very popular when I was a kid. Remember the good 'ol days? Running around freely in them with no care in the world. Times have definitely changed. Yes, I'm talking figuratively, but also literally. Keds has taken on a whole new maturity, sophistication and style. They have collaborated with many different fashion designers, one being Alice + Olivia. I put them on for the first time today, and absolutely fell in love with them! So comfy and cool! And if you like bling, well, this is definitely the shoe for you!

Here are two ways to wear it:
1) Casual for everyday wear with shorts and a tank
or 2) What I like to call, "Brunch with the girls" wear, with a pretty floral dress and Keds, and you're ready to go! Easy-breezy!


  1. picked up a pair of keds from gap for $17. They look like bowling shoes. Now I can fit in with all the hipsters around venice.

  2. yey! love the shoes. i just bought my first pair of shoes the other day, will try to pair it with a cute little dress :)

  3. I wanted to thank you for your time.