Wednesday, March 23, 2011


My good friend ZOE is back in town for spring break! We both love to shop, so I decided to take her for a quick lunch on Keaaumoku St. (aka "Koreamoku," known for all of the Korean restaurants and bars), then just bounce on over to Ala Moana. I used my usual research skills, as well as my Yelping skills, and decided on Yogurstory! I've been trying to get there since they opened not too long ago, but have never had the chance. Yogurstory is right next to Sorabol (Korean Yakiniku), and you also park in their lot.

The menu ranges from breakfast/brunch food, sweet waffles loaded with a bunch of caramel, fruits and different toppings, to sandwiches and salads. The ambiance makes it a really nice place to just sit down for lunch with friends and chill. The furniture is comfy, and I hear there is free wifi. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. To me, it's a much more comfortable Starbucks that serves hot food. Their drink menu isn't as extensive as Starbucks, but they have a variety of Flavored Teas, Coffee drinks, bottled drinks and of course, FroYo! I haven't tried it, but I didn't see too many people going straight for the frozen yogurt. I'd stick with the menu food.

Overall, I'd rate this place an A-. Both dishes that Zoe and I had were delicious. We'd both come back here and we agreed we would recommend this place to others. She even wanted to bring her mom here, who is apparently pretty picky and doesn't like trying new places/foods. SO, if it's good enough for her mom, then it's well worth it!

Service was also fast and speedy, and there were always waiters/waitresses around if you needed anything. And man, I have to give the waiters/waitresses credit- the restaurant is 2 stories, so if you're seated on the 2nd floor, they have to run up and down to get your food/drinks and whatever else you need. Good exercise, I'd say!

Half live/half fake tree in the restaurant!

Calamansi Mint Iced Tea- fresh, lemony and minty iced tea! 

Fat Pig Fried Rice- one of the best fried rice's on the island.
Do you see those fried pork chips on top?! YUM!

Cobb Salad- The dressing was SUPERB. The avocado was a little unripe,
but I kept picking at Zoe's salad because it was so good! I would go back for this.

"Fashion Story"...
For a comfortable lunch/shopping date, I opted for an Express loose-fitting chiffon button-down tied at the waist and flare jeans from Free People. Flares are in again!!

Cute bow ring from Bamboo Sky!

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