Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Winner Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Now, who doesn't love Vegas? Ok ok, I know some of you don't like it all, and I also know some of you haven't even gone before. And honestly, when I hear that, my mouth drops and I am completely shocked. YOU HAVE TO GO! At least once! It is truly an amazing place so full of playfulness, riskyness, and nonstop energy. I came home thinking, Man, I really need a vacation from my vacation! So much walking, gambling, staying up late gambling, eating, walking more, staying up late more, thinking hard about bets........But don't let that deter you from going. The energy you feel just from walking off the plane is unreal! Slot machines galore...and trust me, people actually sit down and play those machines at the airport.

Anyway, my family is definitely a VEGAS family- we go to vegas more than our fair share every year. But for us, it really is a break from the daily grind. Time for us to let loose, gamble, splurge on buffets and decadent meals, and really just do whatever we feel. There is so much to do on the strip! And if we feel tired, we just go up to our room and rest. But really, who sleeps in Vegas? :)

Bellagio Cafe Burger with fries, some kind of mayo and the best
pickled pickles!!

OMG. You have to try this.
Raspberry Brioche French Toast.
So amazing you don't even need syrup!

View of the Bellagio pool from our Bellagio room!


One of our favorite restaurants off the strip at Gold Coast, Ping Pang Pong.
If you want authentic Chinese food and dim sum where the locals go,
this is the place. Everything we've tried here is so delicious.
This is one of my favorites- Fried Tofu. Surprisingly light and fluffy!

Another favorite from Ping Pang Pong- Garlic Green Beans.
If you like garlic like me, you will love this dish.
I don't even like green beans that much!

Joe's Stone Crab- A fine dining restaurant in Caesar's Forum Shops,
recommended to me by one of my best friends, Linds.
Stone Crab is slightly less sweet than Alaskan King Crab,
but this place is worth trying.

A little tidbit about Stone Crab that I learned from Linds. As you can see in my above picture, they serve you just the meaty claws, not the whole crab. Fisherman catch the crabs, break off just the claws and throw the crabs back. The cool thing? The crabs regenerate their claws! So don't worry, they aren't clawless!!! What a beautiful thing evolution is, huh??

Now, back to the grind.

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