Saturday, January 11, 2014


Hamburger Steak/Pot Roast combo

I've wrote about my love for Dash HERE. Go there to catch up with friends over some good food and drink, challenge friends to a darts game if you've got that competitive streak (like I do), or watch your favorite sports game on TV with friends. But this year, they're expanding and trying something different. Dash is now open for lunch M-F 11am-2pm!!

What do I love most? Well, I'm Chinese, and I'll admit it, all Chinese love a good deal. To us, this may mean inexpensive and lots of tasty food. Delete that L&L phone number off your speed dial, folks, Dash has now got you covered. Talk about delicious plate lunch combos like my favorite, Wafu Hamburger Steak and Pot Roast. And then let's talk about major "Kanak Attack," while you drive home. Make sure a couch or bed is near because it's so good you're going to need a nap after. Trust me, plate lunch isn't the thing I crave too often, but I went here two days in a row!

Regular plate lunch is only $10. If you want to mix 2 options for a combo plate, it's just $12. Choose from everyday menu items like Shoyu Pork, Pot Roast, Dynamite Chicken, Furikake Chicken, Or Wafu Hamburger Steak, plus other Specials everyday as well. Have a sweet tooth? Get a big chunk of Butter Grilled Cake in your plate lunch for dessert! It's exactly what it sounds like- a buttery piece of cake/cornbread grilled to perfection. Outside is crisp and warm, while the inside is buttery and moist. You will want to order more and more of this goodness!

A suggestion of mine for Dash? Put that special Matsumura Cucumber Kimchee in the plate lunches, please!!!

If you post any of the plate lunch pics on Instagram or Facebook, don't forget to hashtag #dash2go!

Dynamite Chicken

Shepherd's Pie

Shoyu Pork/Beef Stew combo

Wafu Hamburger Steak- one of my faves!

Meat Loaf, Hamburger Steak, Furikake Chicken, Shoyu Pork, Pot Roast

Don't forget that Butter Grilled Cake!!

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