Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Pillbox Pharmacy

Strawberry and Espresso Almond Fudge, Cotton Candy and Huckleberry

Yup, this place is more than a pharmacy.....they got ice cream too!

This small, unknowing place is filled with the usual pharmacy picks, but walk into the back, and they also have a selection of ice cream! Pillbox can be found in Kaimuki's parking lot where Big City Diner, Kona Kai, and Happy Days are all located. Pick from infamous flavors like Moose Tracks, Black Cherry, or Huckleberry.

What's unique about this place besides super inexpensive ice cream in a pharmacy? They get their ice cream flavors shipped in from Cascade Glacier in Oregon- a lot of flavors you can't find anywhere else in Hawaii!

The bad part? No samples!!! Really?! But on the upside, since there's no samples, they are extremely patient while you ask questions about the flavors and take your time deciding what to order.

The best part? Two "doubles" came out to less than $5. Where else can you get that good of a deal on ice cream (besides Mcd's $1 ice cream cone)??!


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  5. I never heard that any pharmacy also selling ice-cream too. Where is this pharmacy? I might visit if it is near me