Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nanzan Giro Giro

After years of wanting to attend one of Nanzan Giro Giro's prix fixe dinners, it finally happened. Foodie friend, Chris, came home for a weekend, and I knew this was the perfect time. For $50 and another $8 for dessert, you have to really appreciate this kind of meal for the price. Thankfully, we both share the same love for food and good company.

Things you must know:
1. It is imperative to make reservations ahead of time. There are two seatings- 6pm and 8pm, closed Mondays.
2. Nanzan Giro Giro is a Japanese Kaiseki restaurant. This means that dinner is served in many small courses with fine detail to flavor and presentation. It is almost ceremonial, and I was afraid to dig in as I didn't want to offend anyone. Everyone is very formal, and gives a rehearsed description of each dish before serving.
3. Parking- If you have reserved seating for the 6pm time, go a bit earlier and you can park around the restaurant. It is on the corner of Pensacola and Kona Street. If you go to the later seating, there is only street parking.
4. The menu changes on a monthly basis.
5. Seven courses for $50 and dessert for $8. Dessert is an optional.

Verdict? With drinks, tax, and tip, we paid $85 per person. For that amount, I did not think it was worth it when the main course was Unagi Dashimaki...that you can get at almost any Japanese restaurant! Not to mention how delicious, larger-portioned, and inexpensive it was at Tokkuri Tei (see here).

Maybe I went during an off month, or maybe it was an off day, but I was not impressed for the price. I do agree that you are paying for the experience, but I'm not convinced the experience was worth it. The taste was there in some dishes, but not all.

What I actually did really enjoy was the liquor! How predictable of me, huh? I started off with the White Peach Sake, which was deliciously light, but then quickly moved to the Bijoufu Yuzu (Yuzu Sake). My goodness, the Yuzu sake is amazingly-delicious. Sweet, powerful flavor. If you like citrus, you will love this drink. Sip it by itself for very sweet, or have it on the rocks with soda for a bubblier libation. Trust me, this is so deadly! Thinking I could drink this all day/every day, I asked where I could purchase it. Unfortunately, only Nanzan and and YuZu carry this gem.

I think everyone should definitely give this place a try. I know many people that love this place and go back each month to try the new menu. I say, go, and let me know what you think!

Restaurant is literally a box with windows. Seating surrounding the preparation.

The Chef himself

White Peach Sake with soda on the rocks

Steamed Monchong, Takenoko, Kinome, Kahuku Corn Sauce and Arugula Sauce, Sweet Vinegared Paprika

Green Peas and Crab Fritter Zucchini Tempura, Crab Miso, Clam White Miso Soup, Karashi

Cured Ahi, Tai, Trout Roe, Shiso, Wasabi, Corn Sprouts, Snow Pea Sprouts, Radish Sprouts, Soybean Sprouts Sauce

Grilled Yuan Hamachi, Udon, Men-tsuyu, Vinegared Cucumber and Sesame Seeds, Myoga Daikon Oroshi Ponzu Ginger Ichimi

Pork and Gobo Katsu, Karashi, Eggplant, Sesame Vinegar, Myoga, Yuba, Wakame, Shrimp Sunomono

Yuzu Sake with soda on the rocks

Microgreen, Foie Gras Sauce, Narazuke, Unagi Dashimaki, Potato

Yuzu Sake

Duck and Uni Don, Onion Yakidare, Nori, Wasabi. Broth on the left: Tai Broth, Fried Tofu, Mituba, Ginger

Duck and Uni Don

Gateau Chocolat/Strawberry Custard/Nuts, Lime Macaron, Jasmine Ice Cream/Honey Whip. The Jasmine Ice Cream and Honey Whip was AMAZING.

Perfect ending with Green Tea.

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  1. This looks so good!

    I think I'm going to hang out with you during my next trip to Hawaii. :)