Saturday, March 2, 2013

Morning Glass Brunch/Lunch

I love taking friends to Morning Glass, either for lunch or their once-a-month Night Breakfast. This place is so casual, comfortable and they have great food and drink. What more could you ask for? Oh yeah, the only thing is the place is small. But I guess that makes you appreciate it even more, right?

Check out more of my eats from various trips here. I recommend trying their Egg-A-Muffin if it's your first time. Their Tomato Jam is amazing. I've also tried their Grilled Gruyere with Prosciutto and Shimeji Mushrooms, which is another winning combo.

As for coffee, I love their Green Tea Latte and have also recently tried three of their Specials- Swamp Tea (Matcha Green Tea, 2 shots of Espresso, Vanilla Syrup and Milk), Chai Tea, and their amazingly refreshing Watermelon Fresca. All equally delicious, but all completely different, of course! I have yet to try their Vietnamese Style Iced Coffee and Espresso Soda, but am 100% sure it will be as delicious as everything else I've devoured here.

My only gripe (besides how small the place is!)? If you want your Swamp Tea iced, they charge you 50 cents for that.

Other than that, this is one of my favorite places to dine for lunch by myself or with friends. Such a delicious little gem!

Be on the lookout for their Ice Cream Sandwich Special too! Ginger Snap cookies with choice of cereal milk or caramelized banana- $4!

Green Tea Latte

Grilled Gruyere with Prosciutto

Special- Bacon, Avocado, Tomato

Mac N Cheese Pancakes (and Chai Tea not pictured) on Special for the day!! I'm a lucky girl! First seen at the Night Breakfast here!

Swamp Tea

Grilled Gruyere this time with Prosciutto AND Shimeji Mushrooms!

Egg-A-Muffin with salad and homemade pickles! Only $5.50!

Egg-A-Muffin is homemade english muffin, bacon, gruyere, tomato jam, arugula, and kalei egg over easy!

Watermelon Fresca with a hint of lime. So revitalizing! (This is a Special and not always offered)

Egg-A-Muffin on the go!

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