Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Tsunami Hawaii

Spam with crispy rice and quail egg!

I've always liked going to Tsunami's for drinks and their Poke Balls. Much of their other food items were mediocre and expensive in my opinion. Recently, I've been thoroughly impressed by their new menu. Earlier this year, Wade Ueoka, a former Alan Wong Chef, started as a dishwasher at Tsunami and eventually worked his way up to Executive Chef. Just this past February, he refreshed and revived Tsunami's menu, and boy, is it fresh. I have since started following them on Instagram (@tsunamihawaii), and am always salivating at the pictures they post, not to mention their list of Weekly Specials. They always sound delectable and unique, always with a special twist.

Finally, I got my Happy Hour crew together for a friend's job promotion celebration, and we ate and drank most of their new menu. I highly recommend their Miso Butterfish. We had two orders of it! Not the most glamorous-looking dish- very plain in comparison to the other dishes we ordered......but WOW, extremely tender and moist. So soft, it melted in our mouths. Other highly rated dishes? Hamachi and Ahi Poke with Avocado Salsa and Bubu Arare and their Spam with crispy rice and quail eggs. Amazing how Chef Wade used such a common food item like Spam and was able to create a high-class dish, in my opinion. Almost like an upscale Hawaiian breakfast!

I have to say, "Chef Wade and Tsunami, you did an amazing job." And they're are always posting new food items too! I still have to visit once again to try their Orange Dream Soju, Watermelon Soju with watermelon ice cubes (!!), or Ahi Poke Lumpia, or their Natto Bacon Pasta. And you know me, I'm not a huge Natto fan, but this sounds way too intriguing to pass up! And how's the last Special for this week- Thai Beef Tongue Salad?! Hey, you have to say, they have most definitely changed it up, that's for sure.

Oooh, and don't let me forget one of their Specials 2 weeks ago, Goose Pointe Oysters with a Shiso Menonette. All I know is I love oysters on the half shell, and I also love Shiso. Winner for me. Please bring this back, Tsunami's!

My only negative? The portions are small. Hard to split the Spam dish when we have a party of 6! Or the fresh Oysters when one order only comes with 3! Other than that, no complaints. Keep 'em coming with the new menu items!
So now, it's become a foodie joint as well. People aren't going just to drink and play darts anymore; they're going for the food. At least I am!

PS- Let's talk about parking. Sometimes you can find street parking right outside Tsunami's. Otherwise, park in the Easy Music Center for $2. Easy!

Hamachi and Ahi Poke layered goodness!

Miso Butterfish

Chips and Dip- a little on the spicy side

Kim Chee Fried Rice with Roast Duck, Bacon and Pork!


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  1. Omg that look sooooo good! Definitely adding this to my "list of places to eat at" for when I go back home. I think I may need to extend my stay just so I can visit all the places you post about!

    ♥ Duckie.