Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Home Bar & Grill

Seared Ahi Sashimi

Home Bar has probably been on my "I-want-to-go-here-really-really-bad" restaurant list the longest. Finally, my awesome friends took me here and ordered all the good stuff! Since then, I've been back a couple more times and everything is food/service/drink is always consistent. Only thing? The place is always packed and they only take reservations until 630pm.

As for parking, there's very little parking in the lot that fronts Kalakaua. Go around to the back for Valet for $5, or have your luck with street parking.

Home Bar is very casual. A lot of my friends take friends that are visiting here, as the food is always delicious. I'd essentially call it "Gourmet Local Food." Local food with a unique take. This is the reason I like it. Sure, everyone loves Tater Tots and Nachos, but combine them to make Tater Tot Nachos, and you've got a winner right there. Or try their infamous Kim Chee Fried Rice with 2 big easy over eggs on top! Or their Parmesan Truffle Fries! Amazingly-delicious fries that I couldn't stop eating with the crunchiest pepperoni and bits of parmesan. Beware though, it took my stomach a couple days to recover from the obscene amount of truffle oil that the fries had on it. If only that wasn't an issue, I'd order these fries every visit. Don't let me forget my favorite- Home Bar's Salt and Pepper Shrimp. Honestly, this is the best Salt and Pepper Shrimp I've ever had. Better than any Chinese restaurant, and that's saying a lot. Crunchy Togarashi Shrimp with crunchy shrimp chips. Two orders, please!! Trust me, it's bar food, but the most mouthwatering and tasty bar food.

Not to mention, their drinks! I usually order "The Pink One," which is a combo of Strawberry Stoli, Fresh Strawberries, Calpico, Yuzu Simple Syrup, and Sprite. I've tried their Basil Strawberry Mojito, but always go back to "The Pink One." All of their Specialty Drinks sound delicious. Where else can you find "WTF Martini" with Grey Goose, Fresh Strawberries, Balsamic Vinaigrette (Yes, you read that correctly), Simple Syrup, Sweet and Sour, Sierra Mist, and cracked Pepper? How's that for different?

Check this place out any night of the week! I recommend going on a weekday when it's less crazy and when the valet parking isn't full. They also have dart boards for your entertainment. Trust me, after going here a few times, my dart game may be better than my golf game! HAH.

"The Pink One"

Seared Ahi Sashimi with House Spicy Soy Vinaigrette. All this for $15!!!

B's Negi Toro- 1/2 lb Ahi cubes, Green Onion Coulis, Shoyu, and Wasabi Oil

Mix up and eat!! Love the bubu arare sprinkled all around.

Kim Chee Fried Rice

Garlic Chicken

Parmesan Truffle Fries with crispy pepperoni chips, fresh herbs, black pepper, Garlic Anchovy Aioli. The Pepperoni Chips are AMAZING. They should sell these in a bag!

Crispy Pork Chops with Saute├ęd Onions and Ketchup

Wafu Steak with Kabayaki Braised Onion and Mushroom, Grated Daikon, Green Onions, Garlic Chips, and Ponzu Sauce

WTF Martini with Balsamic Vinaigrette!

Basil Strawberry Mojito

Togarashi Salt and Pepper Shrimp!!

Tater Tot Nachos! With Sour Cream, Jalapenos, Bacon, Olives, Nacho Cheese Sauce, and Salsa.

Eric's Spicy Island Style Smoked Pork

Saimin! With Kalbi Short Rib, Char Siu, Fishcake, and Green Onions in a light shoyu dashi.


  1. Omg that looks sooooo good! All of my friends keep posting about that place and I cannot wait to be able to try it out when I go back home in May!

    Please please please tell me all the new awesome places that I've been missing out on the past two years!!!

    ♥ Duckie.

  2. looks great. have never heard of this place but I am going there soon!