Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tanaka Of Tokyo- Ala Moana

If you want to be entertained, Tanaka of Tokyo is the place to go! Seven of my friends and I headed there for a birthday. I hadn't been here in ages! Service was great as usual- lots of laughs and fun. As far as food, I've never been a fan of teppanyaki. To me, it's just veggies, seafood and meat doused with salt, pepper, garlic and shoyu. To my surprise though, food wasn't bad! Our "entertainer" was sort of a newbie, so he made a few mistakes here and there, but made up for it with his humor and humbleness. Very cool kid.

I ended up ordering one of their steak sets. Two of my friends sitting next to me ordered a set including Lobster, Steak, Chicken, and Shrimp, and my mouth watered the entire time they ate! They sure paid the price, though. It was about a $75 dinner for them. Yikes.

Don't think I'd come here again, unless it was for another party again, but we did end up having fun and walking out full. Each meal comes with lots of sides, salad, miso soup plus dessert! Green Tea, Sherbert, or Coffee Ice Cream to pick from!

PS- Enjoy the two videos I caught of our Chef entertaining us with the Onion Volcano and other tricks! You Pyros will definitely love this!

Sauces for your Seafood and Meat. Left is for Seafood, Right is for your Meat.

Ahi Tataki

Lobster and a HEAP of garlic!

Bean Sprout Heart

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