Wednesday, December 5, 2012

First Official Blog Photoshoot

As you've seen before, I usually have friends or my parents shoot my fashion outfits. However, I was lucky enough to have my friend Shannon offer to take some pics for my blog banner or blog business cards. I was ecstatic! After months of talking about it and no action, we finally made it happen. I was extremely nervous, but it turned out to be a really fun and casual photo shoot! Shan is great at what he does, and I give him all the credit to making me look fantastic. Take a look at Shannon's wesbite HERE. I highly recommend him for weddings, model shoots, engagement photos, business photos...anything!


  1. You look flawless in every single picture!!! And love those heels in the last outfit, where from?

  2. EEEEEKKKKK! love all, but especially that B/W one!!!! so beautiful! And thank you for representing Bamboo Sky strong! : ) I'm ready for my Cinnamon center's bowl next week! LOL. and the chain phone case was a gift from Shauna. She got it from Up & Riding in Kahala Mall!