Sunday, December 9, 2012

Mountain Magic Shave Ice Co.

It's been quite chilly lately here in Hawaii, but we "Hawaiians" crave our shave ice on a regular basis. As recommended to me by a couple of friends, Shannon and Jeff, I ventured out to Mountain Magic Shave Ice cart in Waikele Shopping Center after work one day. It's not located in the Premium Outlets, but on the other side, across the street. Look for them between Old Navy and Sports Authority. Now, FYI, don't go looking for a storefront, this place is simply a shave ice cart! But an awesome one at that! Shannon and Jeff were right. The ice is so fine here, almost like a slushy. If you're looking for that very finely-shaved ice, then this is your place. If you prefer more light and fluffy, then you will be disappointed. I, on the other hand, look for that super soft shave ice, and this tiny little gem has got it.

Not to forget that their portions are HUGE! I could hardly finish the Small size cone! Very, very generous.

What'd I order? Well, I always have to get ice cream and a snow cap, of course! I'm not big on mochi balls, but I heard some good stuff about Mountain Magic's mochi, so I gave it a shot. The small size was so large, I was full and could have definitely done without the mochi.

As far as flavors, they have a quite a bit, but I just stuck with my usual Strawberry/Vanilla and Watermelon!!

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