Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shaloha Pita

 One of the questions I get asked most often is "What is your most recent favorite place to eat?" And most recently, my answer has been an ecstatic "Omg, Shaloha! It's this little gem of a place I wish I found sooner!" And trust me, I wish I had found it sooner. Really. How I first came across Shaloha was in Foodland Farms. I saw their 6 piece Pita bags on a little bread stand when I first walked in. Even though it is at a steep $6.99 per bag, after the first bite, there was just no turning back! I decided to find this little shop and check out what other great eats they have. That's where the enlightenment began. Falafal, Shawarma, Schnitzel, Taboulee, Pita chips and Hummus.....what more could you ask for!? Oh, yes, Sage, the Owner. He is the topping on the cake! What a gem. Just a very entertaining, genuine, passionate-about-his-food type of guy. And he is very well known. Any and everyone that I've talked to about Shaloha and has picked up food from there knows this guys and speaks nothing but goodness! Talk about some damn good PR. Hi, Sage!

I took a minute to look at the menu on the wall and while standing there, Sage offered me a slice of pita dipped in some of his amazing hummus. He's got this thing wired. Hit em with the hummus and get em hooked! And that's just what happened...

After ordering the Falafal Pita, it arrived in front of me packed with lots of toppings and stuffed to the max with the falafal practically falling out. He also was nice enough to give me the Student Deal (even though I told him I wasn't a student anymore) which comes with a free side, so of course, I ordered the Pita Chips with Hummus! I guess it's nice to look much younger than I really am! Everything was delicious and the Pita was nothing short of spectacular. It will be the most soft Pita you've ever had. Naturally. It's so good I have a 6-pack in my freezer right now! You may pick those bags up at Foodland or at his shop, located very close to St. Louis Drive Inn, a laundromat, and L&L in Kaimuki.

I went a second time, and sadly, Sage wasn't there. Anyway, his awesome workers set me up with a delicious Shakshuka Pita. I had wanted to try this since Day 1, but could only eat so much! Shakshuka are farm eggs poached in a tomato sauce. This is then stuffed into the ultra-soft pita bread and served. It's become what I crave on a weekly basis. That, and the damn addicting Pita Chips and Hummus! PS- Must eat the Pita Chips immediately or they get a bit soggy after sitting.

Need a refresher? Their Lemonana, mint-infused lemonade will freshen you right up and quench that thirst. It's so light and crisp with the little bits of mint that float throughout the drink.

One more piece of info you may want to know. When I was talking to Sage the first time there, I had asked him why he doesn't make a tzaziki sauce (which is one of my favorite dips that I recently learned how to make myself!). He explained that he has a tahini sauce that he uses, and that his food is not Greek, it's Israeli. Ding Ding! Well, hello, first time trying Israeli food, and turns out I love Israeli food!

Folks, this is a MUST MUST TRY. If you don't like the food (but trust me, you will), at least you will be charmed by Sage and his contagious humor. A gem of a guy!

Lemonana with Mint!

Pita Chips sprinkled with Zaatar and Hummus!

Taboulee and Israeli Salad sides

Falafal Pita


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