Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lucy's Lab Creamery

Earl Grey and Strawberry Jam!

There are very few sweets shops that I crave. Via Gelato is one, and has been a favorite of mine from when they started as just a little gelato truck that could be found in Kahala and sometimes in town.

Then, came the anticipated opening of Lucy's Lab Creamery in Ward, a couple shops down from one of my favorite clothing stores, Bamboo Sky. It's dangerous when those two places are so close in proximity!! Shop, ice cream, shop, ice cream. Could become a vicious cycle!!!

I was able to head over to Lucy's one night when they were offering half off during their Grand Opening from 5-9pm. As I walked up to the line that was forming outside this little ice cream shop, I was excited to try everything. Turns out, they were out of all of their unusually-strange, but tempting flavors like Bacon Whiskey, Sea Salt Caramel, and last but not least Honey Lavender, which I dream about on a daily basis. The guy helping me was so nice, though, and let me try a sample of those flavors since they still had some left, but not enough for an order or scoop.

I ended up ordering a scoop of Fruit Loop Vodka with Fruit Loops on top and also a Pan De Creme filled with Earl Grey and Strawberry Jam. I had high hopes for the Fruit Loop Vodka, and low expectations for the Pan De Creme just because I can't imagine eating bread with Ice Cream! But wow, how wrong was I! The Pan De Creme is stuffed with the ice cream and jam and then smooshed in a machine with a round center opening. Looks like it's made for cooking a single burger patty. I haven't seen anything like it anywhere! Anyway........give the machine a few seconds and BAM, your Pan De Creme comes out warm and perfectly enclosed! Then cut that bugger open and out comes oozing ice cream and jam! To me, this Pan De Creme thing is GENIUS.

The next time I passed by and was craving one, I walked right in and ordered a mix of Honey Lavender and Blueberry Jam, which was The Ultimate Combo. Mind. Blown. Will be getting that for the rest of my life, thank you very much!

The only negative about Lucy's that I don't like is that their hours are so wacky and inconsistent! You must always check their instagram (@lucyslabhi) to see if they are open before heading there, or you could be driving a long way just to see a "Closed" sign.

If you're into gelato and ice cream, Lucy's is a must try! Enjoy!

Honey Lavender and Blueberry Jam Pan De Creme!

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