Sunday, May 11, 2014

Birthday Girl

 I celebrated my 28th birthday this week, and I've realized it only gets better and better! The old adage "it only gets better with age" is true! I had the chance to celebrate with all of the important people in my life- golfers, foodies, coaches, high school classmates and in general, people that love to laugh over food and drink. Those are the best kind! Some were not there in person, as they currently live on the mainland, but their calls and texts made my heart smile. Thank you, guys!!!

Since I'm born on Mother's Day, M&D and I bonded over some delicious food over at Morimoto's at The Modern in Waikiki. It was our first time there, so after we dined, we walked around the Sunrise/Sunset Pool Bar. It was a gorgeously-warm night. Btw, our favorite of the night was the Live Octopus Carpaccio. Highly recommend, folks!

The next big thing on the list was my birthday shindig with my closest friends at The Pig and The Lady, which was just wonderful! It was perfect- lots of warm smiles, chitter-chatter and food galore. Did I mention 5+ orders of that huge Bone Marrow?! Eat your heart out!!! Couldn't have asked for anything more.

I ended my birthday week just the way I wanted to- playing golf! A little tired and hungover, but nonetheless, it was a beautiful day. Something to be so thankful for. 

Thank you all for the Birthday love and well wishes!!!

Morimoto's Live Octopus Carpaccio

$40 Sashimi platter, $40 Sushi Platter- Morimoto's

We sipped on Tedorigawa Iki Na Onna. Birthday gift from a great friend- It was light and refreshing. So smoooooth. Thank you!!

Pig and The Lady's Stewed Beef Bone Marrow!

Pig and the Lady- Chitara Pasta- Braised Chicken, Chicken Cracklins, Ikura, Green Apple, Chicken Jus

Pig and The Lady- Kumamoto Oysters with Calamansi

MORE Oysters

The Pig's Head Feast! Cut open, find the goods in the crevices, wrap with Lettuce, Tortillas and ENJOY!

A gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Picture doesn't do it justice. Thank you!!

Thank you Schyler and Aaron...

A little slice of heaven and bday wishes from M&D. Diamond Head Torte- Peanut Butter Pudding, Peanut Butter Cheesecake, Oreo crumbs, Banana topped with Whipped Cream!

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