Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Yogurstory Dinner

Yep, Yogurstory now does dinner! Plus, they've converted their yogurt bar into a full liquor bar and now are happy to serve you at Happy Hour. Check out some yummy new items during my last visit at brunch here!

As for their dinner, I wouldn't go again. There are much better menu items for breakfast and lunch...especially for the price. My faves include the Fat Pig Fried Rice, Classic Eggs Bene, Hurricane Bowl (!!!!!), City Salad, Cobb Salad and their Breakfast Croissant.

And, now, to their drinks. I continually try to give their (non-alcoholic) drinks a chance. I've tried their Peach Iced Tea, Calamansi Mint Iced Tea, Strawberry Italian Soda, and recently, their Strawberry Lemonade. To be completely honest, I didn't like any of them. Yeah, sure, they're brightly-colored and pretty, but they don't taste great. Even the table next to me saw my Strawberry Italian Soda with whipped cream, ordered one, and abandoned it after taking only a couple sips.

But, on a better note, I did really enjoy their Hot Chocolate! Stick to their Coffee/Espresso drink items.

Next up on the list- I'll report back on their alcoholic drinks at Happy Hour! They, at least, sound tasty.

Kalbi Short Ribs

The Oinker! Fried Rice, Egg, Portuguese Sausage. Highly recommended!

Hot Chocolate for dessert!

The crazy bathroom upstairs!

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