Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Late Valentine's Day Post @ Nico's!

Passion fruit Margarita and a Sand Island Iced Tea (with some lovebirds in the background)

Yep, you've probably read about the new and improved Nico's here, but hey, that was just lunch! They are now open for dinner, and a really lovely one at that. Forget the hustle and bustle of the daily lunch crowd; when you're here for dinner, enjoy the serenity of a breezy hawaiian night and a much calmer crowd. Take a stroll around the Pier after dinner and look at the ships and boats on the water- it's a completely different scene at night. Brisk air (during this time of year) and if it's a clear night, you'll have front row seats of brilliantly-lit, twinkling stars for your viewing pleasure.

And that's exactly what Brian and I did for Valentine's Day. No hassle of making reservations years in advance at a ritzy expensive steak joint and no Prix Fixe set menu. Just a nice, relaxing dinner with an open-air setting, mojitos/margaritas galore, great service and delicious seafood to choose from at our favorite joint. It was divine!

As for their dinner menu, I would highly recommend their Steamed Clams on the dinner menu. I literally wanted to drink the steamed clams sauce, it was so good. The two small baguettes it came with wasn't enough to soak up the goodness in that bowl! And the clams.....a heaping amount of clams, I tell ya! The most I've seen for $14.75. I would definitely go back just for these clams. These were a standout.

Plus, there's bar service at night, so you can order cocktails and pupus right from a server who conveniently walks around and is at your beck and call. Our waitress was very attentive! Forgot her name, but she has nicely-laquered nails and manicures them herself!

Don't be confused- Order your meals at the regular counter/register, but if you want drinks or pupus, just wait for your server to come around to take your order. They're fast!

Hours are Sun-Sat Lunch 10am-430pm and Dinner from 5pm-9pm.

Happy late Vday to all you lovers!!

We also ordered Truffle Fries and my favorite lunch time special, the Garlic Pesto Shrimp to start us off.

Special of the Vday night

Delicious Steamed Clams and a broth that you will have you wanting to slurp up every last drop.

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