Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sweet E's Stuffed French Toast

My sweet BF first took me to Sweet E's, and from then on, I have fallen in love with this cute, little café. Then, my fashionista blogger friend, Tiff, told me that I just had to try their stuffed French Toast. I made it happen. Took Mom to brunch here the other day here, and she absolutely loved it!

Sweet E's is perfect for Mom and I who are natural late-risers. If I wake up late and am craving breakfast food, I know I can get it until 330pm at Sweet E's! Plus, I've come to like Sweet E's much more than the ever popular and crowded Café Kaila. Better parking and tastier food. And even though this place is getting much more crowded and well-known, there's no wait on weekdays. On weekends, though, you will definitely have to wait if you go at peak hours. Tiff and I both agreed that we wish it was still a hidden gem. We don't want people to know about it and get extra crowded. Very selfish of us! But seems like that has already happened......boooooo!

Mom and I both had Eggs Benedict (I had the Kalua Pig and Mom had the Corned Beef Hash), and we shared a plate of the stuffed French Toast. Don't know if I'd order the french toast again, it was just so much food! But the french toast itself was deliciously-rich and creamy. You get a choice of blueberries or bananas stuffed inside with cream cheese. It's definitely something you can't find anywhere else. My favorite is still the Kalua Pig Eggs Benedict!

Anyway, check out the stuffed French Toast pics. Amazing!

One side of the shop was empty, but the other half was crowded, trust me!

Corned Beef Hash Eggs Benedict

Stuffed French Toast

Kalua Pigs Eggs Benedict

Stuffed with Blueberries and Cream Cheese!!

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