Monday, March 19, 2012

Hilo Eats- Kawamoto Okazuya, Farmer's Market, and Restaurant Miwa

The last few weeks I was busy island-hopping for work......and I was also in an okazu-ya haze. "Okazu" means "side dish," while "ya" means "shop." These casual storefronts carry take-out food and are most often family-owned "Mom and Pop" joints.

While on Maui, Dad and I frequented Ichiban Okazuya many times on our two-day trip. It's a perfect lunch to take to the beach/park...or perfect for Dad and I to munch on in between meetings. I also love the wide variety of dishes to choose from!

Then, on our Hilo trip, I found Kawamoto Okazuya. What a gem! This has to be my favorite okazu on all of the islands. They are best known for their (shrimp, ahi, ono, veggie, sweet potato) Tempura, their Nori-wrapped chicken, and their jaw-dropping prices! I mean "jaw-dropping" in the best way possible, because their prices were so reasonable. In this day and age, it's very difficult to find such a great value. If I lived on Hilo, I would probably eat here so much that I'd be paying for their rent!

Take a peak......there's so much to choose from!!!

Veggie tempura, Ahi tempura, and Shrimp tempura. All moist yet crispy!

A bento for $2.50?! Where else can you find such great prices?

The crispiest shrimp tempura I've ever eaten

Wednesday Farmer's Market!

Restaurant Miwa-  Their special of the night was their version of Oxtail Soup. You know I don't ever pass on this! Came topped with lots of green veggies, watercress and seaweed. I loved their Japanese take on it. Only thing I would have loved? More oxtail, please! There were only about 3-4 pieces hiding on the bottom. So tender that I wanted more more more!
This will have to be in one of the top spots in my Oxtail search. See the rest here.

Dad couldn't pass on their Haupia Cheesecake. It was definitely worth every calorie though. Dense and creamy- this was the ultimate piece of cheesecake.

I opted for something tried and true- you can't go wrong with Green Tea Ice Cream!!

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