Sunday, October 9, 2011

Shirokiya Ramen #4 Sapporo Menya Yoshiki

So now, I can say I've tried about 4 different ramen shops from Japan. All thanks to Shirokiya's Ramen Festival!

Let's recap. First, there was Aka Ton and Kuro Ton from Menya Ifuduodou. Then, there was Manshuya-Ga-Ichiban, which served its famously creamy Tonkotsu Ramen and gyoza. Third, Hakata Chouten arrived with its "ultimate" Hakata Tonkotsu with straight noodles.

Finally, we have Sapporo Menya Yoshiki setting up shop in Shirokiya until Oct 17th! Originally from Hokkaido, Menya Yoshiki is featuring their unique ramen broth flavors- Shiro (white miso), Kuro (black miso), and Aka (red miso). So far, I've had the chance to try the white miso #4 Shiromaru Char Siu Misomen and the red miso "#1 Best Recommended Choice," the #5 Akamaru Misomen. Both were great, but the red miso had a spicier taste to it. At first, I really thought I liked the red miso more with the spiciness, but toward the end, it got to be too much. Now don't get me wrong- it's not that spicy, but I have a very low tolerance for spicy foods! I prefer the creamier white miso base better, just because I can finish the whole bowl without sweating and blowing my nose! The noodles were also much different than what I'm used to. They look similar to saimin noodles- yellow color, thick, and a bit curly. I liked the chewy, al-dente texture too! You gotta try this!

Also got a 3-piece Jumbo Cheese Gyoza side. Bit into it expecting cheesy goodness! But, was there even any cheese in it?!!? Tasted like regular gyoza to me, and didn't seem "jumbo" at I'd skip the gyoza, but definitely try the ramen. Worth it.

White Miso #4- no onions or bean sprouts

My friend, Linds' Red Miso #5 with fried rice on the side

Jumbo Cheese Gyoza

Cheese in the gyoza? I guess it's mixed in...

Second day in a row at Shirokiya...tried what Linds had- the #5.

UPDATE! My friend, Joe, and I bravely tried their third ramen base, Kuro, the black miso. The picture on the menu slightly scared me at first (it was such a dark black broth that I had never seen before!), so I was hesitant to try it. However when we ordered it and it was served to us, it didn't look so bad. The soup base was flavorful just like the others, though this one had little black bits that was crispy to the taste. It added a different element to the soup. Interesting. It was reminiscent of the char on steak or something burnt...though I sure hope I wasn't slurping up a bunch of burnt bits! Also, just like the white and red miso ramens, this had a slight spice to it. This is definitely different and worth trying!

PS- I also mixed in some garlic topping that they offered on the side. If you like garlic, this is a must!

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