Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Asian Yakiniku"

Ever wonder how that new restaurant next to Champions is? Well, you've come to the right place! Guys and Gals, I've taken tons of pics and tasted a variety of different food options for you all!

Here's a quickie-

Service- You could tell Waitstaff was still learning the ins and outs of the place, but they tried their best to explain and suggest menu items to try. Water was ALWAYS filled. They were always very attentive too.

Ambiance- It reminded me of Gyukaku. Same idea. The grill could use some work though- it didn't seem like it was on at first, then we turned the fire up and everything started to burn. Some meat caught on fire, and they didn't change our grill like Gyukaku does when it gets grimy and burnt.

Food- I'd give them a B for effort. They are very new and I took that small fact into consideration. I think for the price, meat was decent, but no better than Gyukaku. There are also different marinades for your meats- we had no idea what to put on what. I suggest they write what sauces go best with what, just so people have some kind of idea what to try. There were also 2 sauces to dip your meats/veggies in. One was a pear sauce (which I was eager to try, plus our waiter said it was his favorite), and also an oil/pepper sauce. I think if there was one thing to really work on, it would definitely be the sauces. The sauces were so mediocre. Both sauces were bland. I couldn't taste the pear in the pear sauce, plus it had too much pepper. And the oil/pepper sauce, I just couldn't imagine dipping my meat in oil the entire time.

Parking- Very small lot. If all spaces (maybe 6 at the most) are taken up, there's free valet. Just remember to tip! Other option is street parking on Young Street.

Overall- B. My friend and I had a nice time trying this place, but I probably won't be back until they have all of their loose ends tied up. I believe they are in the process of getting a liquor license, so it is BYOB now. (We didn't bring drinks, so we just had water.) Remember, it does take some time for new restaurants to get the hang of things, and they are trying their very best.

Onto the pics!

Korean side dishes (Banchan)- saba, seaweed, kimchi

Pear sauce to the L, oil sauce to the R

Brisket with miso marinade- one of my faves
Another fave was Bulgogi with Korean Shoyu marinade (not pictured)
Both came as thin slices and were suuuper tasty!!

Pork Belly in bottom left corner with basil topping- not bad. Very fatty, tastes like BACON!
Mixed mushroom in foil with shrimp and asparagus on the grill

Mixed mushrooms

Roll Cake with Ice Cream

Cream Puff with Chocolate

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