Saturday, January 29, 2011

Ramen Again?! Ton Ton Ramen

Like I said before, I could eat Japanese food all day, every day. So that's what I did. Dad and I had a big exhibit to go to all day in Waipahu, so besides our favorite, Tanioka's, we also like to eat at Ton Ton Ramen in Waipahu Shopping Center. They are best known for their Soft Rib Ramen. The ribs are cooked until tender and the broth is really delicious. I think it is shoyu-based. What my dad really likes about this place is that they don't use MSG in their ramen! MSG is really unhealthy for you and many people get allergic reactions from it. I see many restaurants reverting from using MSG in their foods because of its bad rap.

picture of their specialty: Soft Rib Ramen

Ippin Ramen- good for vegetarians. Lots of veggies!!!

The actual Soft Rib Ramen (no onions, extra egg)

Rib meat is very tender! And those garlic pellets? Makes the broth extra tasty!!

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  1. Ramen looks really good.. but I can't see myself driving that far for it

  2. yeah there are good ramen places in town (kapahulu and on kapiolani). TELL ME when you come home. ILL TAKE YOU!

  3. I wish they had Ramen in Aspen!! Can't wait to be home and be apart of the fashion blog with you and eat all kinds of yummy food!!!